Porsche turns up the power on the 918 hybrid, taking on McLaren and Ferrari

Porsche 918 Spyder

We’ve been giddy about the 918 for a while now, as it is a combination of everything we’re passionate about: tech and speed.

The Porsche 918 plug-in hybrid supercar was the one that set the stage for the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari but was quickly upstaged by the dynamic duo – each putting power in excess of 900 horses to the pavement.

As far as we knew, the 918, which has had a long road to final production, was pegged at 795 horsepower. According to a fellow who pre-ordered one, however, and has visited the Porsche Development Center, the power could be in excess of 875 horsepower for production.

Posting on TeamSpeed, the buyer says the production 918 will be lighter weight and faster than previously announced, capable of rounding the Nurburgring in less than seven minutes.

At the end of his post, the author reveals that he has ordered all three hybrid supercars: 918, P1, and LaFerrari. He uses these bragging rights to emphasize his unbiased look at the 918.

The 918 – even if the extra power rumors aren’t true – is an amazing beast. It’ll go 93 miles on its electric batteries alone and also hit break-neck speeds. With an open top roof and four-wheel steering, it seems the 918 might be the ultimate supercar.

The 918 is expected to make its official production debut in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show. We’re hoping we’ll know more as the event approaches so stay tuned for more.

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