Renderings of Lamborghini Huracan leaked! And it looks just like we expected

We’ve been hot on the trail of the next entry-level Lamborghini, which will be called the Huracan. And now we’ve found a leaked rendering of the baby Lambo … and it looks, well, just like we expected it.

That’s OK, though, because no Lamborghini ever looks bad.

Just like the Gallardo (pronounced Gee-yardo) it replaces, which looked like a sized-down Murcielago, the Huracan looks like a wee Aventador. Arguably, we would have preferred a bit more of a striking look, like that of the Veneno.

I understand that most carmakers go conservative with their entry-level lines, as to not scare off buyers. If you’re interested in buying a Lambo, though, you’re already a shout-y lunatic. So, why keep the bodylines under the radar?

Oh, are you curious to know what will power the next, newest raging bull? Reports indicate – again, to no one’s surprise – that the Huracan will boast a mid-body-mounted V10, a paddle-shifted transmission, and all-wheel drive. The Huracan will have one change over the Gallardo; it won’t offer a manual transmission.

Lamborghini had been tossing around two other names: Deimos and Cabrera. We think, though, the Lambo brass made the right choice. It’s been building hype around its latest offering with a video campaign. We just hope the car is a lot more fun to drive than these sappy videos are to watch.

As soon as we learn more about the Lamborghini Huracan, we’ll be sure to bring it to you. Believe me; we’re just as excited about it as you are. So check back soon.

(Main photo credit: carscoops)