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Traveler converts a humble Ford truck into the ultimate road trip vehicle

RVs are a popular way to see the country, but they can be pretty expensive. But one enterprising customizer created a low-budget alternative.

When Mark decided to take a yearlong, cross-country road trip, he set out to build a vehicle that would accommodate all of his needs. As Age of Awesome shows in the above video, the result is a cleverly designed truck that allows him to live off the grid without spending a fortune.

The basis for this improvised RV is a humble 1996 Ford Econoline 350 box truck, complete with roll-up rear door and ramp. That ramp was one of the main reasons why Mark chose this truck, because it allows him to get his motorcycle in and out easily. While it may not be glamorous, the Ford provided Mark with everything he needed to build his dream road-trip vehicle. That is, except good fuel economy: The Triton V10 engine is quite the gas guzzler, Mark said.

The truck’s cargo box was converted house all of the supplies Mark might need, and serve as living quarters. Everything is packed into this space, including a bed, a kitchenette with a sink made from a salad bowl purchased at Goodwill, a hutch and other storage compartments, and tie downs for the motorcycle at the foot of the bed. He even installed a shower head and drain at the rear of the cargo box.

Propane tanks provide heat for cooking, while hot water is provided by a small Coleman water heater. Interior lighting is all LED, and an array of batteries can power some small appliances like a blender or drill. The cargo box connects to the cab via a door in its forward wall, so Mark doesn’t have to get out of the truck to access his living quarters.

Mark plans to take his creation on a yearlong road trip, stopping to camp out and ride his motorcycle along the way. How does that sound to you? Would you make a trip like that in a vehicle like this?

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