Rolls-Royce copies Tesla and opens its first in-mall boutique showroom

Rolls-Royce Bangkok

Tesla got a lot of flack when it opened its showrooms inside of malls, turning the entire dealership and car buying process on its head. Though Tesla has been banned from such sales in a couple of states including Texas and perhaps soon in North Carolina, the idea has apparently inspired others, notably Rolls-Royce.

Rolls officially announced today that it has opened its first-ever boutique showroom in Bangkok, Thailand, of all places.

Just like the Tesla showrooms, customers can come in an experience the full Rolls-Royce experience from the comforts of a luxury shopping mall.

In the lounge, Rolls invites customers to take the time to customize their Rolls-Royce model, to feel the actual materials, and immerse themselves in the bespoke buying experience.

Rolls will even let buyers specify virtually every part of their car from the treadplate to the headrest. Rolls offers over 44,000 leather colors and will even install the wood from a buyer’s orchard, should they choose.

We sort of wonder why Rolls-Royce has chosen to mimic Tesla and why in Bangkok. Perhaps it was the easiest place to initiate such an ordering experience, as Tesla has had an uphill battle here in the States.

Frankly, we love the idea and wish all cars were sold this way. Do away with the triangular flags that encircle the multi-dozen-acre car lots staffed by nincompoops and their brothers. We’d much rather take the time to quietly spec our next car than be pushed into the first thing we see by a guy with a dead tooth and a chinstrap beard.