Russian tuners hope custom Porsche will croc your world

Sometimes sacrifices must be made in the name of luxury right? Well, Russian tuning company TopCar certainly think so, they have taken a Porsche Panamera Turbo S and given it a makeover of extreme proportions. Having chosen to re-do the interior with crocodile skin and plenty of gold, it would appear they aren’t really targeting the eco-loving animal rights crowd with their latest creation, the Porsche Stingray GTR.

TopCar’s Porsche will feature an ADV.1 ultra-light forged disks and “Stringray” wide body kit, while the engine will remain untouched the interior, as mentioned, will be covered entirely with crocodile skin and finished off with a lavish helping of gold and wooden decorations made of Karelian Birch, a tree found only in Finland and Russia.

Upping its exclusivity factor, TopCar has stated they will only produce 25 Porsche Stingray GTR’s, however pricing for the car hasn’t be made public — no word yet on whether Paul “Crocodile Dundee” Hogan is on that list of 25.