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Holland's Spyker might start yet another new chapter by introducing an EV in Geneva

Spyker B6 Venator
Holland-based boutique car maker Spyker has been unusually quiet since it exited bankruptcy last summer. Dutch media outlets report the company has been busy developing an electric sports car that will make its public debut as a concept at the Geneva Auto Show that will open its doors in March.

Little is known about the electric sports car; in fact, its name hasn’t even been revealed yet. Spyker has never brought an electric car to production before, but the company recently merged with an Oregon-based firm named Volta Volare that aims to develop a lineup of private electric airplanes. Volta Volare has been dabbling in electric powertrains for longer than Spyker, and insiders believe it’s open to sharing the technology it has acquired to help its partner build its very first electric car.

What that means for the coupe and the convertible variants of the 911-fighting B6 Venator (pictured) that Spyker was working on before it filed for bankruptcy is unclear. Powered by a 375-horsepower V6 engine, both models were on track for a limited production run until the company fell in dire financial straits, and they’re still prominently showcased on the company’s official website.

Spyker hasn’t commented on the report. Company founder and CEO Victor Mueller is known for his outspokenness, so it’s safe to assume we’ll hear a lot more about the electric concept in the coming weeks if the rumor is accurate.

Die-hard fans of obscure, financially troubled boutique automakers will have a lot to celebrate in Geneva. Spyker seems poised to make a rather unexpected comeback, and we hear the consortium of investors that recently purchased the carcass of Gumpert will travel to the annual event to introduce an updated version of the Apollo and shed insight into what the future holds for the reinvigorated company.

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