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Fortnite might be getting a new map and a Chapter 2 if latest leak proves true

Fortnite could be getting a Chapter 2 and a new map if a leak from the Italian Apple Store proves to be true. Players with access to the iOS app store discovered a new title card for the game that translates to Fortnite: Chapter 2, along with an image revealing a new map. Because Epic Games has categorized new content by seasons up to this point, it could be a sign of larger changes to the game, like new areas to explore, new weapons and items, and new vehicular options.

The news of a “Chapter 2” in Fortnite would make sense given what is happening on the Battle Royale map currently. In the Dusty Depot area, there is a countdown timer for “The End,” and it is scheduled to hit zero on October 13. That’s this Sunday, which coincidentally also marks the conclusion of Season 10. The new title card may suggest that Season 11 is being replaced by a large overhaul to the free-to-play mode, bringing about a new start dubbed Chapter 2. If a rocket launches or explodes from Dusty Depot at the conclusion of the timer, it could devastate the map to the degree that it could be replaced entirely.

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A video posted on Reddit appears to add more fuel to the rumor fire, showing a short clip of the game in action via the App Store.

So, just what could a second stage of Fortnite look like? We think Epic Games will continue to lean into its Battle Royale mode more than its other modes such as Creative or Save the World, but we wouldn’t be opposed to more single-player and cooperative activities. After all, these elements are the building blocks of Fortnite, defining the series since it was first conceptualized. Not to mention, the building mechanics make for a unique take on an excellent defensive shooter.

Fortnite has plenty of competition in the battle royale genre on mobile right now. Call of Duty: Mobile just had the biggest launch of any mobile game in history, bringing a competitive multiplayer mode, as well as a battle royale mode. It was co-produced by Tencent, a company that also released fellow battle royale game PUBG Mobile.

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