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‘Yup, new Tesla.’ A Model X tester is spied cruising around in Palo Alto

tesla model x in palo alto
If it weren’t for vigilant iPhone videographers being in the right place at the right time, we wouldn’t be seeing or hearing much about Tesla’s long delayed Model X crossover.

In a video posted on Youtube, a lightly camouflaged tester of the all electric vehicle was spied driving down the highway near Palo Alto, California. The car is barely disguised, sporting just a cover on the front grille, the logo, and some coverings on the lights.

We already know what it looks like, but this looks like the only video we have of it this close while its on the move. Things like how fast it was going is hard to gauge from this video, but it looks like the Model X tries to accelerate away shortly after being caught on camera.

Tesla Model X  Test Mule

More than 20,000 people have put money down for their orders of the new all-electric utility vehicle, which has been delayed until some point in 2016, three years after its original target launch date.

The model X will be all wheel drive and sporting a pair of falcon doors in lieu of traditionally hinged sets. It will be powered by two electric motors coupled to a few different battery and “performance” options, which most likely means the 85-kWh battery and dual motor setup found in the model S will be the offered here as well. The performance options probably refers to a configuration similar to the P85D, which cranks up the motor outputs to a combined 691 horsepower.

Hopefully seeing this barely hidden, public highway driving test car indicates that the Model X is nearing the end of its shakedown runs and on its way to full production soon.

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