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Think Ferraris are exclusive? The Pininfarina Sergio is invite-only

You know a car is valuable when money alone, no matter the amount, isn’t enough to buy it. The Pininfarina-designed Ferrari Sergio is one of those cars.

Molded from the bones of a Ferrari 458, the Sergio first showed up at the 2013 Geneva Motor show as a concept. CNN Money is now reporting that Ferrari plans to produce six examples of the Pininfarina for ‘special’ customers.

Special, indeed. The cars will likely cost several million dollars (the price hasn’t been disclosed yet), and all six vehicles will meet their buyers by manufacturer invite only.

Those lucky six have reportedly already been chosen, and will take delivery in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. So if you’re hoping to see one of these reclusive beauties rolling down Australia’s Great Ocean Road one day, you’re probably out of luck.

Ferrari has been long known as an ambassador to the bespoke, with unique, custom vehicles like the Dino Berlinetta Speciale, Ferrari Mythos, and Ferrari Modulo littering the Italian brand’s storied history.

Nobody knows that better than Eric Clapton, the legendary guitar player who had a one-of-a-kind SP12 EC built for him in 2012. Like the Sergio, the SP12 is based on the Ferrari 458, but takes styling cues from one of Clapton’s favorite models: the 512 BB.

Ferrari SP12 EC

Ferrari swapped the Italia’s swooping headlights for more rectangular units, and the BB’s distinct vented hood and two-tone body were featured prominently on the EC. Although many details of the car remain confidential, reports indicate the car cost $4.7 million to make.

Because both one-offs have the same starting point, the SP12 EC and Sergio house the same 4.5-liter, 570-horsepower V8 as the 458. The duo will equally tackle the 0 to 62 mph sprint in 3.4 seconds, before topping out at around 200 mph.

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