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Identity crisis? This tuned Porsche Panamera thinks it’s a coupe

There’s a new type of Stingray hunting in the waters of the car-tuning industry. Russian tuner TopCar has announced the Stingray GTR Edition, a heavily-modified and tuned Porsche Panamera that’s certain to make a statement everywhere it goes – for better or for worse.

TopCar started with a Panamera Turbo. The most striking part of the build is that, when viewed from certain angles, it looks like a coupe. That’s because the rear door handles are neatly integrated into the fender flares that were added to accommodate a wider track. Vents reduce the flares’ visual mass, and they also direct additional cooling air to the rear brakes.

The modifications continue on both ends. Up front, the Panamera receives a bumper with wide slats made out of carbon fiber. The end result is the exact opposite of the discreet, understated design Porsche’s design team wanted to achieve. We think it makes the car look like a leviathan preparing to feed on krill, which makes this a good time to remind ourselves looks are purely subjective.

The back end now features a bigger spoiler, and a wide diffuser stuffed between the exhaust outlets. Huge alloy wheels complete the transformation while giving the Panamera the opportunity to show off its impressive braking artillery.

While TopCar hasn’t published pictures of the interior, the tuner explains the Panamera’s cabin is a blank canvas that customers can customize to suit their tastes. Some of the more outlandish options include crocodile skin upholstery on the seats and on the door panels as well as 24-carat gold inserts in the dashboard. The only limit to the customization options is the size of each buyer’s wallet.

The modifications are more than skin-deep, which isn’t always the case when it comes to tuner creations. Fully stock, the Panamera’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 belts out 550 horsepower. TopCar managed to squeeze 650 horsepower out of the eight, but it hasn’t detailed the modifications required to coax 100 additional horses to join the cavalry. The other parts of the drivetrain are standard Porsche components.

Like the rest of the car, the price isn’t for the faint of heart. Turning a Porsche Panamera into a Stingray — not the Chevrolet kind — costs about $28,000, minus the cost of the donor vehicle which starts at a nice and even $150,000.

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