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USSV Rhino GX Executive is tough on the outside, luxurious on the inside

If you think the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is too subtle, give U.S. Specialty Vehicles (USSV, for short) a call. The California-based company converts Jeep Wranglers and Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks into flashy SUVs that would make John Rambo proud.

The USSV Rhino GX Executive is the company’s ultra-luxury model. Like the “entry-level” Rhino GX, the Executive is based on the previous-generation Ford Super Duty. In fact, you can still see Super Duty headlights poking out of its militaristic bodywork. But while it may look like it was built for a war zone on the outside, the Executive is more like a private jet on the inside.

In the back, the Rhino GX Executive sports two power-reclining bucket seats with built-in ottomans. In between the two chairs sits a touchscreen for controlling infotainment functions. A 40-inch screen is mounted on a partition between the rear seating area and the front. An intercom allows rear-seat passengers to converse with the driver. USSV also offers the option of a sunroof and satellite TV hookup.

The Executive is nearly 19 feet long, but USSV says it only seats five people. Depending on how you look at it, this gargantuan vehicle is either the ultimate limousine, or the ultimate poster child for space inefficiency. We’re guessing USSV’s customer base doesn’t care much about practicality.

Supporting that bulk is the chassis from a Ford F-450 Super Duty, and buyers get engine options pulled from Ford as well. Choices include a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel V8, or a 6.8-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline V10. Both engines are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. All Rhino GX models ride on 20-inch wheels with 38-inch Toyo Open Country M/T off-road tires.

Unlike more conventional luxury SUVs, the Rhino GX Executive doesn’t offer much in the way of personalization options. It only comes in three colors: black, tan, and military green. The leather interior is available in black, or a two-tone scheme of black and either red or tan. If you want more options, buy a Bentley Bentayga.

USSV won’t quote a price for the Rhino GX Executive, but it does require a 25 percent deposit for U.S. customers, and a 50 percent deposit for international customers.

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