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An electric bike from Victory Motorcycles won the grueling Pike’s Peak climb

Victory Motorcycles had two class winners at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: Victory Racing’s electric Empluse RR, ridden by Cycle World‘s Road Test Editor Don Canet, and the gas-powered Project 156, piloted by Jeremy Toye. After winning their respective classes, they took second and third place overall. This, by the way, was the 100th anniversary of the PPIHC.

“The hair-raising moment of my run came in a fast 100-mph sweeper approaching Upper Gravel Pit, which is well up the course,” Canet said about his winning run on the Empulse RR in the PPC-Electric Motorcycle Class. “I slithered across an oil stain at the apex, then again crossing over the double yellow centerline. In a heart-stopping moment I ran out of road and was off on the dirt shoulder at high speed … The excursion completely killed my drive through the following flat-out right and straight that follows.”

Astride his electric mount, Canet clocked a time of 10:17.813, with an average speed of 69.9 mph. Canet ran early in the morning, and by the time the Heavyweight class contenders took their turn, the track conditions had improved, giving them the chance to post better times.

Toye took his Project 156 to the Pikes Peak summit with a time of 10:19.777, at an average speed of 69.7 mph.

The 12.42-mile course consists of 156 turns and takes racers from 9,390 feet above sea level to the mountain’s summit at 14,115 feet.

“I think it’s a great month for Victory Motorcycles and a great month for America!” says Brian Wismann, Victory Racing Team Manager. “Imagine our brand first taking on the world’s best at the Isle of Man and achieving a podium there, then a couple of weeks later taking on the other epic race on the planet here at Pikes Peak and putting two bikes on the podium — one gas and one electric.”

The Victory Empulse RR is a race-prepped version of the Empulse TT. The base frame and overall design are essentially the same, but the RR sports a more aerodynamic and lighter monocoque carbon-fiber subframe. The battery, controller, and Parker Hannifin-sourced motor are also upgraded for higher capacity and performance.

“Victory Motorcycles made history at Pikes Peak this past weekend, proving its Modern American Muscle with both electric and gas-powered motorcycles on what’s often referred to as America’s mountain,” says Rod Krois, General Manager of Victory Motorcycles. “The Empulse RR and Project 156 have proven to be important test platforms for Victory engineering and — as their results on the mountain show — are sure to pay dividends in future products.”

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