Volkswagen reveals its ‘Last Mile Surfer’ electric scooter to avoid parking lot blues

vw last mile surfer 1
We’re all familiar with the jam-packed parking lot situation where you have two choices: either circle the lot for who know how long until you find a halfway decent spot, or park at what seems like the end of the earth and trek to your destination.

Our fitness coaches would tell us to make the hike, but honestly, when you’re not in the mood, parking in the boonies is no fun.

Well friends, Volkswagen hears your pain. That’s why the German automaker has introduced what it calls the “Last Mile Surfer,” an electric scooter that was designed to shuttle you from a far-off parking land to the front doors of Costco (or wherever else people spend their days).

vw last mile surfer 3

Volkswagen’s three-wheeled scooter is part of a new strategy to expand operations into different mobility platforms. The Last Mile Surfer weighs just 11kg/24.2 pounds and was designed to fit in the trunk of your car.

Considering the scooter’s range is 12.4 miles, you could conceivably just scooter the whole way to the destination if it’s close enough … but that might be too much fresh air. Volkswagen chairman, Martin Winterkorn, says the Last Mile Surfer will go on sale in 2016 at a price less than 1,000 euros in Europe.

It’s unclear whether this lazy — I mean brilliant — scooter creation will be sold in the U.S. If the equivalent of $1,100 seems a bit pricey, you could always try the ol’ foot-powered version for approximately 1/20th of the price.

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