Volkswagen is bringing an APC and a beach-rescue Amarok to the RETTmobil expo

VW RETTmobil Vehicles

RETTmobil is a trade show held in Fulda, Germany where companies involved in the emergency response industry show their latest offerings. Auto manufacturers have become a large part of the show since having the proper vehicle for the sort disasters life assails us with can be critical.

Volkswagen is one such company, and it knows that being a first responder to a situation doesn’t necessarily mean showing up in the biggest truck available.

VW RETTmobil Vehicles

For practical needs, VW has kitted out a Golf Alltrack wagon to act as a department’s command car, much like how we here in the U.S. frequently see rugged SUVs playing the role. The car will be loaded with special operational equipment like a digital radio console and accident data recorders to help legally sift through the aftermath of an incident.

Specially equipped VW Tiguans and Touareg SUVs will also be on hand. They represent the vehicles that can come to a rescue where the terrain is rough. These can be set up with loads of important features to deal with important matters like warning systems and flashing lights.

VW RETTmobil Vehicles

When things get a little too hairy, VW will premier its Transporter T6 commercial van for the first time as an armored personal carrier. The rear cargo area can be set up with up to five single seats as well as offer any additional necessary equipment. As we’ve seen plenty of examples in Europe where civil unrest has escalated in full-scale riots, we’re thinking that would be where an armored T6 would come into play. What a far cry from its hippie, free lovin’ days.

Volkswagen’s mid-size pickup, the Amarok, will even be on hand demonstrating how it would be the car of choice for emergencies on or near beach areas. It’s interesting to see how automakers invest in an area of the industry we either take for granted or choose not to think about because its unpleasant. Thankfully, the people who think about these things are supported by companies who recognize their importance.