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Volvo Concept Estate: A gorgeous and sinewy brown shooting brake fit for the Saint

This is Volvo’s final concept car. It’s called the Concept Estate. And oh my goodness … it’s a wondrous thing indeed.

The car images show is a brown two-door wagon or “shooting brake”, and one that harks back to the Volvo P1800ES of the 1970s. I’ll be fully forthright with you: the P1800ES is one of my dream cars. Needless to say, I am wholly in love with this Volvo concept and hope very much that it gets built.

This third Volvo concept is slated for official unveil at next week’s 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Why are we seeing the pictures now? Well, these images are courtesy of Jalopnik. The folks at Jalopnik don’t adhere to embargoes. So when they get their hands on something, it goes live. Thanks?

We don’t know yet much about the engine or other under-the-skin bits. I am hoping it has a similar drivetrain to that of the equally stunning XC Coupe.

What we can see, though, is that the new concept shows an all-new interior design for Volvo. This is good news, as its current interiors are getting a bit long in the tooth, to put it nicely. We also see a lovely panoramic glass roof and a smart little hatch in the rear.

I really do hope Volvo makes this car, not only for me but for all of Sweden. This is the kind of car Volvo made its name on – you know, back when Volvo was cool. And, yes, there was a time when Volvo was cool. You just weren’t born yet. The Saint drove a Volvo. Look it up.

Although Ford and Toyota might disagree with me, I think automotive success – like in acting – comes from taking risks. Volvo has nothing to really lose right now, as it’s not selling very well. I wholeheartedly encourage the Swedes to put their money (and their Chinese ownership) where their designers mouses are and build this brown beauty.

As soon as I learn more of this stunning shooting brake, you can be sure I’ll bring it to you. So check back often.

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