Missed out on Volvo’s sporty S60 and V60 Polestar? There are more on the way

Between their impressive performance and outrageous electric-blue paint, Volvo’s recent Polestar models are a delightful counterpart to the Swedish carmaker’s stereotypical image.

The Polestar models introduced so far have only been available in extremely limited quantities, but Volvo does plan to keep them coming, and add something new to the lineup according to Car and Driver.

Just 750 examples of the 2015 S60 Polestar sedan and V60 Polestar wagon were built, with 40 sedans and 80 wagons allotted for the U.S. Volvo was apparently surprised by how quickly they sold out, and is planning another batch.

The company won’t say exactly when they’ll arrive, but this second production run should be near identical to the first group of 345-horsepower machines. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Beyond that, Volvo will reportedly consider models in the future.

Volvo product planning head Lex Kerssemakers said he’d love to see what Polestar – an outside company that also manages Volvo’s racing program – could do with the company’s experimental triple-turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

An extreme iteration of Volvo’s Drive-E line of efficiency-focused engines, the prototype power plant already produces 450 hp from just 2.0 liters of displacement.

New performance models likely won’t arrive for some time, though.

For now, Volvo will focus on revamping its lineup with new models based on the Scalable Product Architecture platform introduced on the 2016 XC90, and adding more Drive-E engine variants.

If Polestar’s amazing transformation of the S60 and V60 is any indication, all of that should provide fodder for some pretty interesting performance cars.