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The Volvo S90 Excellence interior combines art, function, and pure driving bliss

Volvo loves a good interior concept, because whether it’s a self-driving car, performance vehicle, or seven-seat SUV, the brand understands that the cabin is one of the most important elements of your transportation experience. At the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, the automaker’s interior decorating skills were on display yet again.

The S90 Excellence interior concept is a one-off display that illustrates how Volvo’s Lounge Console Concept would look in the S90 flagship sedan. It’s a functional design focused on comfort, but for Volvo, it’s more than that.

“We had such positive feedback with our original Lounge Console Concept in the XC90 that we wanted to take it a step closer to reality in an S90 Excellence interior,” said Robin Page, VP of Volvo Interior Design. “With this interior we wanted to create a piece of art, a sculpture. We’ve taken many of the original concepts and made them come to life.”

The Chinese market is saturated with well-off executive clientele, and given the fact that most of them prefer to be driven instead of driving themselves, the concept’s backseat is certifiably luscious. The massaging seats can be heated and cooled, of course, but the temperature can also be adjusted on the cup holders as well as on the foot support that replaces the passenger seat. Dubbed the Lounge Console, the moving “magical box” gives the cockpit an open, flowing atmosphere. It also doubles as a shoe compartment and the mounting point for the multi-media touchscreen, and from there, occupants can use the fold-out table and keyboard to get work done or simply sit back and watch Netflix.

If you prefer the second option, the rear section also offers a refrigeration unit that comes with a pair of hand-cut crystal glasses from Swedish firm Orrefors. It’s like a first-class airline cabin only better, because in the car, there’s nobody kicking the back of your seat.

For a closer look at the interior, check out the video below.

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