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Wagan Power Dome NX2 review

It's a compressor, speaker, jump-starter, and a Swiss Army Knife for your trunk

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Wagan Power Dome NX2
MSRP $229.95
“Wagan’s Power Dome NX is an easy way to fix minor automotive emergencies.”
  • Built-in air compressor with swappable tips
  • Enough power and ports to charge all your devices
  • Durable rubber and plastic construction
  • Radio and Bluetooth audio system
  • Heavier and more cumbersome than competing products
  • Sound quality is just ok

No matter how new or well-kept your car may be, it is still prone to hazards like low tire pressure and a dead battery. Waiting hours for roadside assistance or hobbling to several different gas stations looking for air can ruin anyone’s day. Thankfully, Wagan may have an all-in-one solution to help ease your fears of roadside emergencies.

Their latest Power Dome NX2 aims to power all your devices, jumpstart your battery, inflate your tires, and even plays music. We gave it a test to see if this is the ultimate accessory for your car or simply an added stress in a possibly tense situation.

Packed with features

The handle and corners of the Wagan Power Dome NX2 are constructed of a durable, grippy rubber material. The body of the unit is coated with a scratch-resistant orange plastic coating for high visibility if you happen to be stranded on the side of the road. The unit is portable enough to tuck away in your trunk at 10.5” x 14.0” x 12.0” but does have some heft to it at just over 18 pounds. Depending on the size of your trunk, the Power Dome NX2 may be in the way and not ideal to carry around at all times.

Nolan Browning/Digital Trends
Nolan Browning/Digital Trends

On each side of the narrow ends, you will find the positive and negative cables for the Jump Starter. Each cable is 8 AWG to ensure durability and 40” long allow for easy access to your battery. A 9-LED light is situated above the negative terminal and can be switched between a continuous or flashing mode for visibility at night or in an emergency.

Along the broadside you’ll find two speakers, an antenna, an aux port, controls for the audio, and a storage compartment for both the AC and 12-volt DC charging cables. The opposing side focuses on charging with two 200W AC sockets, a single 5V (2.1A) USB charging port, and a 12-volt DC charging port. The side also features two analog gauges showing both the voltmeter for the internal battery and pressure for the tire inflator.

Put to the test

We set out on a mountain highway with the confidence that our Power Dome NX2 would keep us on the road. In testing, the 260 PSI air compressor fires up with the flip of a switch and had no problem adding a few pounds of pressure to keep our tires at the suggested levels. The plastic nozzle may not be as tight a fit as you would find at most gas stations, but it does the job in a pinch. The Wagan system also includes additional tips to allow you to fill up a basketball or pool toy when the need arises. Cheaper competitors may have better nozzles for filling up your tires, but lack the ability to change tips for other uses.

This powerful package may be the one automotive accessory you need to have in your car.

The 110-volt plugs can power everything from a cell phone to a coffee maker. We tested a fairly standard laptop charger and saw just under an hour of charge time when full. Battery longevity was obviously much better with the 12-volt or USB charging. The Power Dome NX2 had enough juice to revive a couple dead cell phones and retain enough power for a jump start. The jump-starting feature worked well in testing with a 2.5L Lincoln MKZ and a 2.4L Honda Element. With 600 peak amps, the Power Dome NX2 jump starter goes beyond even the Weego 44 and should have no problem with larger gas or diesel engines. However, the jumper cables don’t include any LED warning lights like you’d find on the Anker Compact Jump Starter.

To bring some music to your work site or next backyard BBQ, the Power Dome NX2 includes AM/FM radio, an AUX input, and even Bluetooth audio. The system paired with our phone within seconds and was loud enough to fill a small area with our favorites music. However, don’t expect any real range of sound as the quality is more on par with a budget bluetooth speaker from Amazon. The radio and music features were a nice added benefit, and make the Power Dome NX2 a perfect camping companion.

Warranty information

Wagan gives you a one-year warranty from the date of purchase against any defects to your Power Dome NX2. A comparable model to the Power Dome NX2 will be offered as a replacement for any problems.  Be sure and test all the power ports, air compressor, and jumper cables before your first emergency, to ensure there are no problems while still under the replacement coverage.

Our Take

At $230, the Wagan Power Dome NX2 is on the more expensive side, but a good value when considering a features list of several devices rolled into one. After testing the system, this powerful package may be the one automotive accessory you need to have in your car. It checks all the boxes for what you need in an emergency and delivers on all expectations.

Is there a better alternative?

There aren’t many similarly priced competitors with the entire list of features in the Power Dome NX2. However, if you don’t absolutely have to have the Bluetooth speaker and 110V ports, Walmart does offer air compressor and jump starter packs starting at $40. Reviews are rather positive, and brands like Stanley or EverStart offer a similar warranty.

How long will it last?

The Power Dome NX2 is built with durability in mind and should have no problems weathering years of abuse out on the road.

Should you buy it?

Yes, this would be the perfect automotive accessory for any driver wanting some peace of mind out on the road. If you are looking at a cheaper stand-alone portable jump starter, it may be worth spending the extra money for more features in the Power Dome NX2.

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