Watch this Lithuanian city’s mayor crush an illegally parked car with a tank

watch this lithuanian mayor crush an illegally parked car with a tank lithuania crushingNote to self: Do not park illegally in Lithuania.

It’s an easy rule to remember, thanks to a new promotional video featuring the mayor of Lithuania’s capital city happily rolling over an illegally parked Mercedes Benz with a massive military transport vehicle.

The staged (but still pretty entertaining) promo has found an audience well outside the borders of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania where bicycle-friendly mayor Arturas Zuokas is taking a hard stance against drivers parking their cars in bike lanes and pedestrian walkways.

“That’s what will happen if you park your car illegally,” Zuokas tells the camera after crushing the luxury car beneath the wheels of an armored personnel carrier.

In the video, the “owner” of the car fakes horror after discovering the squashed remains of his vehicle.

According to the clip and various reports on the stunt, owners of luxury cars parking wherever they please has become a major problem in the city — and something Zuokas wants to remedy by any means necessary.

The clip was originally posted on the city’s official website and YouTube channel.