Want a wider Aventador? Liberty Walk makes Lambo’s finest even more outrageous

“There are too many tuned Aventadors on the road today,” said no one ever.

Japanese tuners Liberty Walk are planning to present a widened, lowered, and stretched version of the Lamborghini Aventador at this year’s SEMA event.

According to a post on Lambo Cars, photos of a red Aventador (seen above) are actual design renderings from the computer of Liberty Walk owner, Kato-San. The car costs around $446,000, which nearly $50,000 more than the stock Aventador’s base price of S397,500.

As far the the exterior goes, there are almost too many modifications to name. There are wheel arch extensions that look like medieval armor plating, a massive wing attached to the rear fascia, new bumpers, side skirts, wheels, and vents.

The car is covered with LB Works decals, including one that reads, “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” Kato-San adorns each and every Liberty Works car with the passage from The Beatle’s “Imagine.”

The additional body panels are actually riveted onto the car instead of molded, which gives the car a mechanical, rugged look. And yet, despite having a swath of carbon fiber, steel, and plastic fastened to it, Kato-San has managed to preserve the elemental, sleek design of Lamborghini’s flagship.

Kato-San’s Avendator differs hugely from the Edizione-GT by DMC, which has more gills, splitters, and fins than a lionfish in comparison. Liberty’s primitive styling looks subtle and aggressive by contrast, however DMC has Liberty beaten on the power front.

There are no major modifications to the 6.5-liter, 690-horsepower V12 powertain on Liberty Walk’s version, however it does have a new exhaust system. DMC’s Aventador has almost 300 hp more than stock but costs $288,888 for the package alone.

As the tuning company did with the brutal Murielago in 2012, Liberty will likely only produce a small number of modified Aventadors. The massively modified ‘Murc was limited to only 20 units.

(Photos via Liberty Walk)