Meet the least subtle car ever: The Lamborghini Edizione-GT by DMC

The Lamborghini Aventador, like most Lambos, isn’t exactly subtle. It has cooling vents straight out of an F-18 Super Hornet, a wide, snake-like mouth, and sharper body angles than a rough cut diamond. So when a radical German tuner gets ahold of it, it crosses the threshold from aggressive and sleek to downright ludicrous.

DMC is a company that makes radical carbon fiber body kits for Lamborghinis, Porches, McLarens, and just about every other exotic manufacturer you can think of.

The German tuners have pulled out all the stops for their version of the Aventador, though, which features new carbon bumpers, wings, splitters, flaps, diffusers, and even a new aerodynamic engine cover. The result is a machine that would make even Bruce Wayne say, “a bit much, isn’t it?”

The Edizione-GT is part of DMC’s comprehensive STAGE3 program, so there are extensive modifications to the powertrain as well. While the standard Aventador uses a 6.5-liter V12 that pumps out a mere 690 horsepower, DMC’s upgrades bump up the power to a staggering 975 hp. This is accomplished with the addition of a twin-turbo system, remapped ECU, individual throttle plates and a new fuel delivery system.

The result is an extremely fast, extremely flashy exotic that looks like it crashed through a glue factory, and then through a carbon fiber factory. Regardless of what you think of the looks, DMC’s enhancements prove that its customers will belong to a very exclusive club.

So exclusive, in fact, that DMC’s customers must complete an application process before they’re allowed to purchase this kit. Only once they’ve been accepted are they allowed to fork over the $288,888 necessary for the Edizione-GT package. If you just want the show and aren’t worried about the go, the body kit will run you just $89,990.

(Photos credit: DMC)