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Lamborghini’s latest supercar is too extreme for the road

Lamborghini is known for craziness, but with other automakers developing more extreme supercars, the raging bull risks being overshadowed. So Lamborghini is upping the ante with a hardcore, track-only supercar. Developed by the automaker’s Squadra Corse racing division, the unnamed supercar will be unveiled in 2020.

Details on the new supercar are scarce, but a Lamborghini press release said it would be powered by a version of the 6.5-liter V12 used in the Aventador and certain limited-edition models. The output will be 830 horsepower, but from the 759 hp, the V12 makes in its most potent form today. This may be one of the lats Lamborghini models to feature a pure V12 powertrain. Lambo has indicated that the Aventador’s successor, due in 2022, will have a hybrid powertrain.

The new supercar will feature a large rear wing, roof air scoop, and a racing-style hood with air intact ducts, according to Lamborghini. Under the skin, the backbone of the car will be a carbon fiber monocoque, mated to an aluminum front frame and a steel cage-like structure for the engine. The racing-style six-speed sequential Xtrac transmission will be a load-bearing part of the structure, Lamborghini said. The rear suspension will bolt directly to the transmission casing, saving weight by eliminating the need for a dedicated rear subframe.

To help put the car’s 830 hp to the ground, Lamborghini also fitted a mechanical locking rear differential, which can be adjusted by the driver to suit different conditions. Lamborghini didn’t mention all-wheel drive, so this could be the first V12 Lambo in some time with rear-wheel drive. But nothing has been confirmed yet. We’ll have to wait until closer to the car’s 2020 debut for more details. When it does launch, the new supercar will be for track use only, and won’t be road legal.

Alongside the new supercar, Lamborghini announced plans for a racing series based around its Urus SUV. The first race is scheduled for 2020 on a “special track,” according to Lamborghini, indicating that racing will take place on dirt rather than pavement. The winners of the four classes of Lamborghini’s Super Trofeo series (which uses racing versions of the Huracán) will compete against “two- and four-wheel motorsport celebrities,” according to Lamborghini. So far, nine-time motocross champion Tony Cairoli is the only confirmed “celebrity.”

Racers will use the Urus ST-X, which was first revealed as a concept in 2018. This racing version of the Urus features carbon fiber parts to save weight, and a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 making 641 hp.

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