Is the forthcoming Lexus RC F going to have a BMW M4-fighting 460-hp V8?

will lexus rc f coupe coming detroit 460 hp v8 teaser 2

We’ve known that Lexus will be bring its latest performance coupe, the RC F to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. What we didn’t know was what exactly would power it. Could it be a hybrid? Perhaps the Japanese luxury automaker would go for a supercharged V6.

Well, stop speculating. Rumor has it that the RC F will be powered by a 460-horsrpower V8, according to an image found on Autoblog. Which V8 could this be? If we’ve done our math right, it should be the same 5.0-liter V8 under the hood of the 2014 IS F but retuned for more power.


If all this is true, Lexus has the makings of a very exciting, very sporty vehicle indeed. A more fearsome version of its 5.0 V8 bolted into a smaller, more modern car could prove very satisfying.

What transmission will back it, however, we don’t yet know. Hopefully it’ll be something a bit better than the eight-speed auto that sends power to the rear wheels of the current IS F. It’s a great transmission, don’t get me wrong, but it was always searching for gears. Punch the throttle and it’d have to shift down four gears just to get to the power band.

Lexus F teaser

But, oh, when it did finally find a good gear and go … it was a thing of roaring beauty.

Perhaps my waxing romantic is a bit premature. You’ll have to forgive me; I just love the idea of an M3-fighting Lexus. I love driving dynamics and power, but, if I am honest, I also love reliability.

So, do I have high hopes? Yes. Are they likely to be dashed? Also yes. I won’t know for sure, however, until the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in a few weeks. So be sure to check back for more.