Yabba dabba don’t: Flintstones replica car banned from German roads

Flintstones replica car

There are Flintstones fans and then there are Flintstones fans. For Sebastian Trager of Germany his affection towards Hannah Barbera’s classic cartoon has driven him to new heights of awesomeness by building a working replica of our favorite Stone Age family’s car.

That’s right, using the underpinnings of a Volkswagen Polo, and by removing virtually everything from the car save for the engine, wheels, and chassis, Trager has managed to erect Fred Flintstone’s classic car, filled with leopard print seat covers, wooden benches, and cloth roof. We can’t confirm it, but we imagine there is a place for Dino as well.

Flintstones replica car

Unfortunately Trager’s labor of love won’t be seen tearing it down the Autobahn any time soon. According to Metro UK, the Flintstone fan (and engineer) has been unable to get the proper clearances in order to make this Bedrockin’ recreation roadworthy. Apparently driving a car without a windshield, wipers, seatbelts, turn signals, or headlights is heavily frowned upon by German motor authorities (go figure), which means despite Trager’s claims that the car is “perfectly safe” the Flinstones-mobile has been resigned to exhibitions and shows.

We have to say that we’re truly impressed by Trager’s work, even if he can’t actually drive it on the streets. At the very least we hope this doesn’t deter him from bringing other classic cartoon cars to life. With that being said, let us be the first to throw in requests for an Inspector Gadget-mobile and the car from M.A.S.K. Let our automotive childhood fantasies come to life!

[Image credit Hannah-Barbera and Metro UK]