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Zenvo’s 1,163-hp, 233-mph supercar invokes the fury of Norse gods

Danish boutique automaker Zeno may be best known for an unfortunate moment of fame a few years ago, when one of its cars caught fire on the Top Gear test track. But Zenvo has continued to develop its supercar designs.

Zenvo is celebrating its 10th anniversary at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in spectacular fashion. It’s got a more powerful, one-off version of the TS1 it unveiled in Geneva last year. Officially called the TS1 GT, Zenvo nicknamed it “Sleipnir,” after the Norse god Odin’s eight-legged horse. This new mutation packs over 1,000 horsepower, a top speed of over 200 mph, and a price tag of over $1 million.

Let’s start with that first figure. The TS1 GT is powered by a 5.8-liter V8 with two superchargers. That engine sends a staggering 1,163 hp, and 811 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. To harness all of that power, the TS1 GT features a Torsen limited-slip differential and a seven-speed transmission developed by Zenvo itself. The automaker claims its home-brewed gearbox can shift almost as fast as the transmissions in Formula One race cars.

The TS1 GT is one of fastest anniversary presents around. Zenvo says it will do 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, and achieve a top speed of 233 mph, enforced by an electronic limiter. That’s already faster than many supercars from more familiar automakers, so how fast could it go without the limiter?

Like the standard TS1, the GT has carbon fiber bodywork, and a chassis made from steel and aluminum. The GT looks fairly similar to its predecessor, although the Geneva show car sports a special livery of Fjord Blue with copper stripes. On the inside, the switches and instrument surrounds are all made of copper and rhodium, and cost about as much as a new Porsche 911 R, according to Zenvo, or around $184,000. The interior itself took almost 8,000 man hours to complete, Zenvo says.

So if the switches cost almost $200,000, how much does the car itself cost? Zeno would not discuss that, but Autocar reports the price tag is in the neighborhood of $1.2 million. That actually sounds about right, given the TS1 GT’s extreme performance, hand-made interior, and one-off status.

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