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Apple iPhone 11 review: The iPhone for all

The iPhone 11 is the successor to the iPhone XR and adds modest upgrades, but should you buy it over the expensive, feature-packed iPhone 11 Pro?
iphone 11 review iphone11

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Hands-on review: Tempting and talented, but sadly stifled

The Mate 30 Pro is another highly capable camera-orientated smartphone from Huawei; but this time it doesn't have Google apps onboard.
huawei mate 30 pro review camera blue

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus has anything and everything you’d want in a smartphone. From a gorgeous HDR10+ screen that you can’t stop looking at, to an in-display fingerprint sensor that actually works, it’s awesome. But is it worth $1,000?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review: Renaissance Phone

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus takes everything great about the Galaxy S10 Plus and raises the bar a little higher. You'll need to get past some gimmicky features, but it's more than the sum of its many parts.

Moto Z3 review

Motorola’s flagship smartphone of 2018 looks exactly like its mid-range smartphone of 2018, but powered by a processor from 2017. It’s still a great-performing phone for $480, and it will be the first upgradable 5G smartphone next year.
moto z3 review 5g mod press

Sony Xperia 5 hands-on review: Compact, colorful, but not quite a winner

Sony's Xperia 5 has a great design, a compact body, strong specs, and comes in some lovely colors. But is this enough to beat the competition?
sony xperia 5 review red

LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen hands-on review: Double the fun

Don't call the LG G8X ThinQ a foldable phone, as it's not a mega-expensive device. It's a serious multi-tasking device, with a fun gaming side too.

Motorola One Zoom hands-on review: Four times the fun

Motorola's latest smartphone, the One Zoom, is arguably its most attractive. The headline feature, though, is its quad-camera array. Quad. Yes, as in four!

Nokia 7.2 hands-on review: Gunning for Google

HMD's Nokia 7.2 smartphone is gunning to dethrone the Google Pixel 3a as the mid-range smartphone king. It promises fast delivery of Android updates despite its budget price.

Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: The foldable phone still feels fabulous

The Galaxy Fold is back. Samsung showed off the new version of its foldable phone after it had to recall units due to hardware defects. Here's a look.
new samsung galaxy fold review p1155128

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