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Apple iPad 2 Review

We review the Apple iPad 2 which refines the formula set forth by the original with dual cameras, a faster processor and an even thinner profile.
Emerging Tech

The best of Toy Fair 2011

From swimming balloon sharks to iPhone telescopes and Segway-style unicycles, we round up the best high-tech gadgets of Toy Fair 2011.

Kyocera Echo hands-on preview

While we haven't had the chance to review the new Sprint Echo by Kyocera in-depth, we did get a chance to play with it at length, and it turns out that two screens aren't that bad after all.
Product Review

Google Nexus S Review

Review: Google’s Nexus S for T-Mobile creeps forward with a handful of innovative features like near-field communications, but pares out some vital organs like a microSD slot to make room.

The best Samsung Galaxy Tab apps

Deck out your new tablet with the best Samsung Galaxy Tablet apps, from large-format newspapers to addictive games and smart utilities.

How to find Android tablet apps

Manufacturers and Google alike keep referring to tablet-optimized Android apps, but what exactly does that mean, and how do you find them for tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab?