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This 8K monitor has 3D tech that can be viewed from all angles

BOE showcased an interesting new 110-inch 8K display, which includes a new 3D technology that allows you the ability to view the monitor from all angles without the need for special glasses.

The Chinese brand revealed the display at the annual European conference ISE 2023 as a part of its lineup of enterprise displays, according to (via Wccftech). It features a QD (Quantum Dot) Mini LED backlighting, which is already a potential monitor trend for 2023.

A BOE 8K display.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Samsung recently introduced the Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor with a 43-inch Quantum Mini-LED panel for its ability to produce deep blacks with minimal glare similar to OLED panels. A fix of lens array technology and the QD Mini LED backlighting is what helps bring the 3D effects in the display to life.

The BOE display also supports a 120Hz refresh rate and a 3D viewing distance of around five feet, which the brand aims to expand. With the enterprise focus, the display is made for viewing by multiple people at once. Specific use cases could be advertising or large-scale meetings.

BOE had several displays showcased at the conference, including the 162-inch P0.9 glass-based active Mini LED. The monitor features a proprietary full-gray-scale Gamma curve technology that allows for clear images on the darkest of screens. The display supports a peak brightness of 1000 nits, as well as a high contrast ratio and a low flicker rate.

A BOE 8K display mounted to a wall.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another 8K display is BOE’s 65-inch Mini-LED display. The monitor features an ultra-thin glass-back design and 3024 Micro-LED local dimming zones, as well as support for outdoor or indoor wall mounting. It can handle high temperatures, making it good for enterprise customers, particularly those that might need displays for outdoor events or advertising.

BOE also showcased an 86-inch 4K whiteboard display, which features capacitive and interactive touch capabilities. The display whiteboard supports a 178-degree wide viewing angle and a 20-point touch.

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