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You can now experience the weather in VR thanks to AccuWeather and Oculus

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In our ever-evolving quest to avoid going outside in order to check the weather, we not only have apps to give us details about the temperature and precipitation, but now we also have a VR experience. Because if the act of opening your front door is too hard, perhaps donning a VR headset is more feasible for you. AccuWeather recently debuted a new VR experience called AccuWeather — Weather for Life, which promises users “engaging 360 video content, current weather conditions, a daily and hourly forecast, and AccuWeather MinuteCast” so that they can experience the weather outside … from inside.

Thanks to this new feature from the weather app, you’ll be able to virtually experience a whole slew of weather animations from the comfort of your own home. Tired of the homeostatic environment of your living room? Just don a Samsung Gear and experience weather animations including stormy rain, snow, thunderstorms, and clouds.

In order to experience the weather through a headset, you’ll need to install the Oculus app to your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone and create an account. Then, download the AccuWeather — Weather for Life app, and snap your smartphone into the Gear VR headset so you can see your screen and start the VR fun.

While you’ll  certainly be able to see the weather in your immediate area (down to your specific location), the AccuWeather VR experience will also give you access to other weather phenomena from around the country. And to keep things interesting, AccuWeather will add new videos every week, so no matter how big of a weather buff you may be, you’ll stay informed and entertained.

“AccuWeather is excited to partner with Samsung on the launch of the AccuWeather — Weather for Life app for Gear VR, bringing users the most accurate, most innovative weather forecasts and information available worldwide,” said Steven Smith, President of Digital Media at AccuWeather. “The app is interactive and easy for users to access immersive 360-degree video content and weather forecasts, all with the Superior Accuracy from AccuWeather they rely on, experiencing weather in revolutionary new ways.”

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