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Acer embraces Windows 8 and launches six new products, including two tablets, using Microsoft’s latest OS

Acer Windows 8 Tablet

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Acer has launched a series of Microsoft Windows 8 products at a press conference this morning. The news comes just ahead of the Computex 2012 show, where other Windows 8 hardware from competing manufacturers, such as Asus, is also expected to be unveiled.

 A total of six products were introduced: Two tablets, two ultrabooks and two all-in-one desktop machines, all with Windows 8 installed and all featuring touchscreens.

Starting with the ultrabooks, they’re both new entries into Acer’s Aspire S7 series, and there’s a choice of either an 11.6-inch or 13.3-inch screen. Acer hasn’t been generous with details on either, though. We do know the 11.6-inch model will have 9-hours of battery life, and that the 13.3-inch version will have 12-hours, plus that an unnamed Intel chip will power both.

The screens will also fold back to a 180-degree angle, so the ultrabooks will lay completely flat, and the larger model will have a backlit keyboard. Acer says the pair will be “the thinnest and smallest, respectively, full HD touchscreen ultrabooks” available.

They’re good-looking too, with Acer using a 12 mm thick aluminum unibody design for both and a curvy glass cover for the 13.3-inch model. Pricing, according to, will be between $999 and $1799.

Acer Windows 8 UltrabookNo ARM tablets

Information is equally as hard to come by on Acer’s new tablets too. There are two models, the Iconia W510 and the Iconia W700. The W510 has a 10.1-inch touchscreen, a microSD card slot, HDMI-out and on some models, cellular connectivity too. A keyboard dock can be added, which in addition to extending the battery life to 18-hours, has a versatile hinge that folds the keyboard back so it can be used as a stand for the screen.

The W700 has a larger 11.6-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, the same array of connections as well as three USB and a Thunderbolt port, a 5-megapixel camera, and comes with a cradle-like stand. Like the ultrabooks, Acer didn’t confirm any prices, but a slide from the presentation indicated the W510 would cost between $599 and $799, while the W700 would be $799 to $999.

Both models will use an Intel processor, with the W700 using one of the latest Ivy Bridge chips, and according to a Reuters report, Acer has no plans to introduce tablets using ARM architecture.

Finally, Acer launched the 27-inch 7600U and the 23-inch 5600U all-in-one desktop machines, and the only firm information on the two was that the 7600U would feature a 64-point multitouch screen that can be laid flat for ease of use.

Acer’s CEO JT Wang is putting plenty of faith into Microsoft’s latest operating system, calling it a “breakthrough,” and referencing the company’s recent lackluster performance, said “we have a good opportunity to grow again after the Windows 8 launch.”

With no official release dates given for any of the new Windows 8 products, just like the operating system itself, we’re left to expect them sometime towards the end of the year.

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