Adesso Clicks In with Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gamers are notoriously fussy about their input devices: after all, they rely on tactile feedback to frag their enemies, and the mushiness of typical membrane-based keyboards—and lets not even talk about the evils of chiclet keys—is sub-par at best. And in this respect, gamers share something with many writers and other folks who type for a living: they both want super-responsive keyboards with real key travel and precise tactile feedback.

adesso clicks in with mechanical gaming keyboard mkb 135b

To satisfy both camps, Adesso has introduced its MKB-135B full-sized mechanical keyboard, featuring old-school mechanical switch technology that not only substantially outlasts any kind of membrane keyboard, but responds faster and has much better tactile feedback. The MKB-135B features a standard 104-key layout also includes a USB 2.0 port and a microphone/headphone jack to easy peripherals management. Plus, key rollover capability lets users mash down up to six keys at the same time, a big advantage for gamers who want to keep moving and firing at the same time.

However, anyone who has lived with a mechanical keyboard can tell you they all have one thing in common: that clicking. For some folks this is useful audible feedback about their typing—I’ve used a mechanical keyboard for years and the sound is part and parcel of the way I work. (I have trouble telling if I’ve made a typo if I can’t hear and feel the keys doing something odd.) However, folks nearby may find the sound annoying—and gamers who like to trash-talk via USB headsets may find themselves struggling to get their insults in over the clatter-clatter of little keys.

The MKB-135B is available now at a number of retailers for a suggested price of $99.99.