Alienware m9750 Notebook Gets Dual SSDs

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Formerly boutique computer maker Alienware—now a subsidiary of computer giant Dell—is adding 64 GB solid-state drivs to its flagship m9750 gaming notebooks. That’s drive, drives: new configuration options make the m9750 the first notebook on the market to feature two 64 GB solid state drives in RAID 0 configuration. Alienware is also offering the m9750 with a 64 GB SSD drive and a 7,200 RPM, 200 GB hard drive for serious storage needs. Customers can also choose a single 64 GB SSD configuration. All the 64 GB SSDs are 2.5-inch SATA models from Samsung.

"Alienware has achieved another milestone in mobile storage by being the first to deliver a dual 64GB SSD RAID 0 configuration and the first to combine a single 64GB SSD with a second larger capacity hard drive," said Bryan de Zayas, Alienware’s associate director of marketing, in a release. "This gives Alienware notebook users unprecedented data access and storage flexibility and allows them to take advantage of rapid performance, rugged reliability, and maximum power efficiency all at once."

The dual-SSD RAID 0 configuration pricing starts at $4,099; the 64 GB SSD with a 200 GB hard drive runs $3,499, while the single 64 GB SSD option runs $3,199. Of course, the m9750s are available with a plethora of additional configuration options, including high-res 17-inch displays, high-speed Core 2 Duo processors, a TV tuner, dual-layer DVD writers, and more. The new configurations are available immediately; previous configurations with 32 GB SSD drives are also available.