AMD R9 Nano gets miniaturized even more by new WC block

AMD’s new range of HBM sporting Fiji XT cards have been quite a different take on a contemporary GPU, and the Nano has arguably been the most interesting of that select group. It’s tiny, but still rather powerful, so the prospect of improving its stock water cooling system is an intriguing one and Germany’s Aqua Computer is already on the case.

Just a week after the official release of the Nano card, which was announced last month, the custom waterblock is now available. It’s a machined copper block which covers the entire PCB of the card, drawing heat away from just about every component and the board itself, with thermal pads covering VRMs and preapplied thermal compound between it and the core.

Called the Kryographics R9 Nano, the cooler actually goes so far as to reduce the size of AMD’s card even more, making it a single-slot GPU. The nano was already a solid choice for those looking for a powerful card to put in a small form-factor system, but this makes it even more compact.

It shouldn’t be too difficult an upgrade either, as the block connects up to a watercooling loop using standard G1/4 ports and is also compatible with crossfire water setups with a simple modification.

There are two versions of the cooler, offering different aesthetic looks: a steel-fronted version and a see-through one using red acrylic. Regardless of which one buyers pick though, performance is said to be quite impressive, with Aqua Computer claiming it was able to keep the Nano under 35 degrees Celsius throughout a Furmark run, as per PCPer.

Available to purchase now, the Kryographics R9 Nano will set prospective buyers back 90 euros ($102) for the steel version, or 100 euros ($113) for the acrylic one. However, anyone looking to buy will need to factor in adding this to an existing GPU loop, or purchasing the required parts — and potentially fitting them into a miniature case too.