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AMD is releasing the coolest Halo Infinite-themed GPU ever

Halo Infinite is making its way to PC, and AMD has prepared something exciting in order to celebrate. AMD is collaborating with 343 Industries to optimize the gameplay of the next iteration of Halo Infinite, which has strictly been a console game.

There’s more than that in store, though — AMD has also announced the release of a limited-edition Halo-themed Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card. Customers who buy select AMD Radeon and AMD Ryzen products can also expect free access to Halo Infinite from the time of its launch.

Screenshot of Halo Infinite alongside AMD products.
Image credit: AMD

The cooperation between the two companies extends beyond just optimizing Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards to run Halo Infinite. The latest Xbox consoles also utilize AMD processors and graphics cards, so the optimization that AMD was involved in affects both PC and console users.

AMD has teased that Halo Infinite is going to support AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. The purpose of this is to smooth out gameplay, minimize screen tearing and stuttering, and improve the overall gaming experience. Displays that support FreeSync Premium Pro will also benefit from a wider color gamut, further improving visuals. Lastly, AMD stated that it is cooperating with 343 Industries to bring ray tracing to the game.

Although AMD’s announcement contains several teasers, the most striking part is the release of a new Halo Infinite-themed RX 6900 XT GPU. As the best AMD graphics card released to date, the RX 6900 XT certainly packs enough punch to run Halo Infinite on max settings.

The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned any hardware changes to the card, but there are drastic changes to the way that it looks. The limited-edition GPU was inspired by Halo, with the design being based on Master Chief’s Mark VII Mjolnir armor. The green matte shroud features a reflective iridium gold fan border. It also has two more Halo-themed details: The “117” Spartan callsign and a Cortana-blue light that resembles the back of the Master Chief’s helmet.

AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite edition

Although many would probably love to get their hands on this card, the GPU is not going to be up for sale. Instead, both AMD and the Halo team, as well as other business partners, are going to give it away for free. No additional details have been shared as of yet.

The last part of the cooperation between the two brands will actually let gamers try out Halo Infinite for free — as long as they buy one of AMD’s latest graphics cards or processors.

Starting on October 26, buying boxed Ryzen or Radeon products at select retailers and online stores will include a token for one month of Xbox Game Pass. AMD hasn’t specified which retailers and which products are going to carry the token. More information is expected to emerge soon, as the December launch of the game is not far off.

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