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AMD just revealed some key details about its upcoming Zen 4 processors

AMD has released a video to celebrate five years of the Ryzen brand, and it revealed some juicy tidbits about future products. In this video, John Taylor and Robert Hallock of AMD teased what the manufacturer has in store for 2022, including processors from both the Zen 3 and Zen 4 lines.

In the video Hallock, director of technical marketing at AMD, confirms the rumors of a new platform coming next year. The new processors, complete with a new socket and DDR5 memory support, are going to be released in 2022. Hallock also confirmed that the new platform will be backward compatible with current AM4 socket CPU coolers.

There have been rumors that the new AMD processors will not support PCI Express 5.0 technology. If true, this would put AMD at a disadvantage when compared to the new Intel Alder Lake line of processors, as those CPUs will support PCIe 5.0. Hallock commented on these rumors, confirming that the AM5 socket will support the 5th generation of PCIe. However, he did not specify whether this means Ryzen 6000 or Ryzen 7000 processors.

AMD Ryzen™ Processors: 5 Years Later – YouTube

Although Zen4 processors were not mentioned by name during this teaser, they are definitely the new platform AMD is gearing up to release. No official launch date has been mentioned for these CPUs, but they won’t be the first in line to be released in 2022. Instead, AMD is planning to launch new Zen3-based processors earlier in the year that will possibly be the last of the line.

In 2022, AMD is planning to launch new Ryzen CPUs with a 3D V-Cache. The manufacturer promises up to 15% faster performance while gaming when using this new technology. The video did not confirm whether the new processors are going to be a part of the Ryzen 5000 or Ryzen 6000 series, but they are going to utilize the AM4 socket. These CPUs might very well be the last AM4 CPUs to be released.

Hallock also teased the upcoming release of a new series of notebooks that AMD claims will be more power-efficient. This will be achieved through the use of new algorithms, allowing the CPU to determine the workload and adapt to it. This was referred to as “Power Management Framework,” but it is not a marketing name. The release of these notebooks is planned for early 2022.

It seems that even though Intel is beating AMD to the punch when it comes to releasing the next generation of CPUs with its Alder Lake processors, AMD still has a packed itinerary for 2022. No exact release dates are known as of yet.

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