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The AnkerWork B600 all-in-one Video Bar will simplify your workspace

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar front view with light on.

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Outside of a laptop, monitor, or workstation with a built-in camera and conferencing hardware such as a microphone, most webcams handle video only. Generally, it means after installing and setting up your webcam, you use a hodge-podge of devices like USB microphones, headsets or headphones, to support your webcam experience. That also complicates the software experience, as you have to choose what hardware you want to use within each application. But what if the camera, microphone, speakers, and lighting was built into a single device that’s easy to install? That’s what the AnkerWork B600 Video Bar provides.

The AnkerWork B600 helps you simplify and declutter your workspace, eliminating the need for all of those extra devices, and the wires that come with them. Like any other webcam, it attaches to the top of a monitor. However, unlike other webcams, the B600 has a 2K HD camera, dual speakers for quality audio, a 4-microphone array for clear discussions, and a built-in light to brighten up your workspace during video chats. Even better, built-in noise-canceling technology eliminates background noise during calls, while amplifying your voice. If all of that sounds fantastic — because it is — you can grab the AnkerWork B600 Video Bar right now for $187, down from its regular price of $220. Read on to learn more about what the AnkerWork B600 can do for you.

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The 2K HD resolution camera sits in the center of the device to provide a beautiful and clear picture of you during video calls. The built-in light not only illuminates your surrounding area but also enhances your video quality through the MagicSight™ automatic brightness and color temperature adjustment features. The AnkerWork B600 will ensure you look your best on any call, regardless of who you’re talking to. Plus, the four-mic array utilizes VoiceRadar™ noise cancellation technology to reduce background noise, amplify your voice, and significantly enhance the discussion experience for everyone involved.

AnkerWork B600 4-mic array with dual speakers up close.

Your co-workers, family, and friends will hear and see you better than ever before. And you’ll be able to hear them, as well, through dual speakers built into the bar, which feature specialized low-distortion sound with surround support. With the AnkerWork software, you can adjust resolution, field of view, lighting, and similar settings to really fine-tune your video.

Normally $220, you can get the AnkerWork B600 Video Bar for $187 right now, or 15% off through Anker’s storefront. That deal is only good until March 13, 2022, so take advantage while you can! You can also go ahead and donate or toss out all of that extra video and audio gear you have cluttering up your workspace. Of course, the AnkerWork B600 is available on Amazon too.

Buy AnkerWork B600 Now

Why choose the AnkerWork B600 over another webcam?

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar in use during call.

At best, your average webcam will include a camera and a microphone system that is rarely, if ever, a four-mic array with noise cancellation. The AnkerWork B600 includes the microphone setup, a high-definition camera, dual speakers, and a light. It’s all embedded within one device — a simple, powerful video bar. What’s more, you connect all of those devices at once to your computer, rather than bundling a messy web of wires and plugs. You can also control all of those devices from within the AnkerWork software and easily tap into the hardware when using conferencing applications like Slack, Teams, Zoom, and more.

Using the AnkerWork B600 is quick, easy, and reliable. Most importantly, it will make you look much more professional during calls, whether you’re involved in a work interview, meeting with clients virtually, or catching up with family and friends.

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