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The best portable monitors

In the crowded world of computer monitors designed for every situation possible, there’s one subset that often gets overlooked: Portable monitors. These little gems help gamers on the go set up temporary gaming zones, or allow for additional mini-monitors in complex desk arrangements where having access to additional data and visuals is key. They’re great for tinkering with Raspberry Pi or other DIY setups, too.

We’re going to go over the best models, starting with the 15.6-inch Asus ZenScreen MB16AC, the best option you can buy right now. We’ll also dive into choices for different types of gaming and specific projects, so check out the full list.

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Asus 15.6-inch ZenScreen MB16AC

This ZenScreen from Asus is an all-around great choice if you’re hunting for a portable monitor to use for a variety of different tasks. The 15.6-inch size is common in portable monitors, a sweet zone between getting a larger display and using a monitor that can still fit in a bag or case when you are finished. The ISP display offers 1080p resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, and Asus’ Eye Care technology, which reduces blue light and eliminates backlighting flickers so your eyes have an easier time.

The Asus ZenScreen MB16AC is also one of the few that comes with a USB-C port as well as a USB-A connection, and it’s compatible with Thunderbolt 3 – perks not to be ignored in a monitor made for travel. A smart cover and smart pen slot are included, and are compatible with vertical and horizontal positioning.

GeChic 15.6-inch 1503H

Are you looking for different kinds of video connections beyond USB ports? This GeChic model has you covered with HDMI, VGA, and USB connection options.

The GeChic 15.6-inch 1503H has a 1080p resolution at 60Hz, and a 170-degree viewing angle for both vertical and horizontal setups. There’s not a lot of customization options for this model, but it does include a multi-mount kit so that you can position a long-term home for the monitor on your desk or in other areas.

G-Story 15.6-inch 4K Gaming Monitor

If you demand a little more from your gaming monitor, this portable G-Story display should satisfy you. This monitor has a little bit of everything, but we appreciate that it offers a 4K resolution (not as important on displays this side, but still nice to have) and FreeSync technology for reduced stuttering from the right sources.

The connections of the G-Story 15.6-inch 4K Gaming Monitor are also some of the best on our list, with dual HDMI ports, dual audio jacks, USB and USB-C ports, so you should be ready for pretty much any modern input. It’s a particularly easy recommendation for gamers who like to play with a friend or in on-the-go groups. The speakers, however, could be better, so we suggest you take advantage of the audio jacks when possible.

Elecrow 13.3-inch Raspberry Pi Display

Here’s a smaller monitor at a more affordable price, obviously ideal for Raspberry Pi users and experimenters – although the display is compatible with multiple gaming machines, car A/V, and even medical equipment, making it one of our most versatile picks.

The HD screen is excellent for various customization projects, and comes with a 5V/2A power adapter (the screen can be powerful by DC or a MicroUSB port as needed), an HDMI cable, and a metal rack for different mounting options. The speakers are serviceable for sound, but there is a 3.5mm jack as well. The Elecrow 13.3-inch Raspberry Pi Display is a perfect option for the DIY master intent on building a particular setup!

AOC 16-inch 1659FWU

For those on a more limited budget, this 15.6-inch AOC monitor checks in at under $100 and still has what you need for a quick on-the-go setup, sporting an HD, 60Hz screen with a 5ms response time.

The AOC 16-inch 1659FWU is designed to work with a single USB-3 connection with DisplayLink, and lacks other input connections, but you can pay a little more for a USB-C connection if you like. There’s both a flip out stand an option to wall mount if you want. The DisplayLink tech works with both PC and Mac, and can support multiple monitors if necessary.

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