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AOpen’s Chromebase Mini is a Chrome OS tablet with enterprise appeal

aopen chromebase mini tablet
AOpen announced a new device called the Chromebase Mini. The system runs Chrome OS, it boasts a 10.1-inch touchscreen and will be aimed at enterprise customers looking to implement the hardware in customer-facing applications.

The Chromebase Mini is outfitted with a quad-core Cortex-A17 processor, 4GB of dual-channel LPDDR3 memory, and 16GB of EMMC storage. It also features a Full HD webcam and a built-in dual digital microphone and stereo speaker, according to Chrome Story.

These specs may seem relatively meager, but it’s important to keep the purpose of the device in mind. AOpen specializes in digital signage and other related hardware and the Chromebase Mini is intended to fill this kind of role — given its form factor, it wouldn’t be surprising to see businesses use the system as a point-of-sale device that can tender credit card payments.

The Chromebase Mini is likely to be a little more expensive that you might expect based on its specs. Since it’s designed with public usage in mind, it’s resistant to both tampering and water damage, which drives up its price tag.

Going forward, the Chromebase Mini seems poised to become even more useful, given that it runs Chrome OS and features a touchscreen. Google is currently in the process of rolling out Play Store support to various touch-enabled Chromebooks, giving them access to the vast library of apps available on Android.

There is currently no confirmation that the Chromebase Mini will be able to take advantage of this functionality. However, given the fact that the hardware is capable — and users would no doubt welcome the ability to run Android software — it certainly seems possible that a future update could open up access to the Play Store.

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