AOpen Goes Chic With XC Cube PC

AOpen Goes Chic With XC Cube PC

The quiet, smart design of the AOpen XC Cube Mini MZ855-II conveys innovation and bespeaks elegance while its range of features finds appeal with musicians, designers, students, avid computer enthusiasts, and even the most hardcore gamers by providing an ultimate PC computing experience.

The MZ855-II is smallest (7.75″ x 4.25″ x 12.75″) and lightest aluminum-made mini tower form factor in the market. The product supports a full range of expansion interfaces including 4 USB2.0 ports, IEEE1394 connectors, and slots for additional PCIx1 and AGP cards, offering users flexible scalability for future upgrades.

The new Cube features the Intel 855GME-based Pentium M processor which allows for a cooler, quieter, more energy-efficient computing. By using a notebook processor in the SFF PC, AOpen has been able to design a highly compact system even for SFF standards that also runs quietly, at only 27dB when fully loaded. Its motherboard is based around the Intel INTEL Pentium M Dothan CPU, 400/533 MHz FSB. The Pentium M processor was built to maximize per-clock efficiency and to aggressively manage power consumption. Although running a notebook CPU, The MZ855-II supports desktop hard drives, a 400/533 MHz FSB and up to 2GB of DDR memory and 150W power adapter.

As part of the Z3 family of XC Cubes, AOpen is offering two additional barebones systems, the XC Cube Buddy and XC Cube Tower. Identical in size to XC Cube Mini, the Buddy offers users additional expandability options for their PC environments. A bit taller than the standard XC Cubes, the Cube Tower offers additional space for users to further customize their systems. By extending the unique look and design to the complete line of Z3 product family, AOpen brings a touch of sophistication to consumers by enabling them to match their PCs throughout their home and office environments.

XC Cube Mini MZ855-II includes the case, motherboard and power adapter. Users can add their own CPU, drives and memory to complete their own systems or can purchase custom, fully configured units can online from selected e-tailers. The XC Cube Mini MZ855-II Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starts at $449.00. For more information on the MZ855-II, or AOpen’s full line of XC Cube solutions, please visit

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