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Leaked code all but confirms that new M-series iMacs could launch soon

An unreleased Apple iMac with an M-series processor could already be in the wild somewhere on the desk of a developer. Screenshots circulating crash code from Apple’s Xcode integrated development environment were recently obtained by 9to5Mac and point to the existence of an ARM-based iMac.

This is best to be taken lightly, but a new iMac has been long-rumored for a launch sometime in 2021. Some reports have also been pointing to a redesigned model with a flat back, new colors, and thinner bezels. The fact that a developer is already in possession of the updated model could be evidence of an upcoming product launch.

The XCode crash log

The screenshot of the code in question can be seen above, and 9to5Mac says it has looked at the crash report file and confirmed that it did in fact happen on an ARM 64 device. As you can see, it mentions iMac under the device name and also has the operating system version, as well as the thread and binary information. No other information about the design or specs of the alleged iMac is available.

Xcode is typically used by developers to code new apps for Apple’s Macs. This screenshot was originally shared on Twitter by the developer Dennis Oberhoff, but 9to5Mac took a deeper dive at the code and reports that the tool is able to pick up device models before they are released, especially whenever Apple’s own engineering team tests third-party apps internally on the device. It could be that Apple was testing Dennis Oberhoff’s app on a new iMac somewhere in the world, but was not careful to mask its tracks.

Apple already stopped selling versions of the 1080p 21.5-inch iMac with 512GB and 1TB SSDs on its website and has also discontinued the iMac Pro. It is not uncommon for Apple to stop selling older products right before a refresh, and with this latest leak in Xcode, there’s definitely a chances that there is a new iMac out there.

An Apple Spring event is also reportedly on the way soon, timed for the end of March or in April. It would not be too surprising if Apple releases a new iMac at this event, though it usually holds separate events for iPad, iPhone, and Mac launches. We’ll just have to wait and see, but for now, there’s a lot of hope on the horizon.

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