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Apple's 'rite-of-passage' training in California for Geniuses may be over

apple genius training bar
Apple will reportedly be replacing its longstanding Cupertino, California, campus training system for new Apple store ‘Geniuses’ with in-store, self-guided training. Web-based seminars are replacing hands-on, guided training, suggesting future new employees may have far less real world experience than their predecessors.

Traditionally, Apple has invited newly hired Apple store Geniuses to its Cupertino headquarters, where its mock Genius Bar featured test Macs for them to practice standard repairs on. Considered a life-changing experience by many who partook in it, the training trip was considered somewhat of a rite of passage for new hires, but that may not be possible in the future.

Although not confirmed by Apple, sources close to the matter cited by MacRumors, say that all training for new Genius Bar employees in the future will be handled in-store. They won’t even have much in the way of hands-on repair experience either, with much of the new training regimen based on reference materials and self-guided seminars.

The concern, among the source and analysts, is that this could result in Apple products being repaired by people who have never actually opened up a Mac before. While we think it’s perfectly possible to build your own PC with a little help, when it comes to professional repairs, most people would prefer an expert — or a ‘Genius’ — to be involved, not someone whose experience may be lacking.

The only caveat to this story is that it may only be a temporary measure. Apple is currently constructing its ‘spaceship’ campus and it may be that once it is finished at a later date this year, that training will be moved there on a permanent basis.

For now, though, it seems like some Geniuses may not be quite as well-trained as their more experienced coworkers.

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