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Your chance to buy Apple’s $6,000 Mac Pro has almost come

Apple’s high-end redesigned Mac Pro — which had been unlovingly mocked and compared to a cheese grater since it was announced — may soon be available for purchase. Apple recently updated its Configuration Utility with instructions for how authorized technicians can place the Mac Pro in DFU mode for diagnostics and repair, suggesting that Apple’s most powerful desktop to date will soon be available for users to buy.

Screenshots of the Configuration Utility for the Mac Pro were reported to have been received and verified by Mac Rumors, but the publication declined to publish those images in an effort to protect their source. However, the site did post a generic image of how a repair technician can place a Mac desktop in DFU mode. “Our source was informed that this move likely means the new Mac Pro will be released imminently,” the publication stated.

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Apple unveiled the Mac Pro at its developer-centric Worldwide Developers Conference in June, but the company did not provide pricing for specific configurations. Instead, Apple revealed that the Mac Pro will start at $6,000, and there have been speculation that upgraded configurations could top $20,000. This means that the Mac Pro will be priced similar to multi-CPU and multi-GPU PC workstations. The Mac Pro tops out with a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, 1.5TB of RAM, 4TB solid-state storage, and AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics. Apple stated at the time that the desktop will be coming later this year, but a specific date was not set.

With the recent redesign, Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be infinitely more upgradeable compared to the previous design, which was compared to a futuristic trashcan based on its aesthetics. Though the new Mac Pro relies on some custom components, it does come with eight PCIe expansion ports and an exterior case that can be fully removed. Not only does this design makes upgrading the internals easier, but it also helps with thermals. More recently, Apple announced that the Mac Pro will be assembled in a facility in Austin, Texas, giving it a similar “Made in the USA” badge as PCs from boutique gaming PCs, like high-end offerings from Falcon Northwest, Origin PC, and Digital Storm, among others.

Apple also announced a new pro-grade display alongside its high-end desktops to target creatives. The $4,999 32-inch Pro Display XDR comes with coveted features not found in displays today, but adopters of the panel will likely have to add an extra $1,000 to purchase the first-party display stand, adding to the total cost of ownership. A base configuration of the Mac Pro, along with the Pro Display XDR and its optional stand, will retail for close to $12,000, which means that this professional setup will likely be out of the reach of many home users. Still, if you have the cash to splurge, you may not have to wait too much longer.

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