Going refurbished will shave 15 percent off Retina iMac’s price starting today

Apple 5K iMac more than big number

Discounts on Apple’s record-setting Retina iMac have been few and far between in the first three months of the all-in-one’s existence. Those few that have appeared were minuscule, with 50 or 100 bucks shaved off here and there.

Currently, the Apple Store and typically generous third-party retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy call for $2,500 to be coughed up before anyone can enjoy 5K resolution. But starting today, there is one slightly more affordable alternative, offered by Cupertino as long as you can keep an open mind about refurbished gear.

The like-new-but-not-exactly-new 27-inch top-tier iMac costs $2,119 via the refurb branch of Apple’s online store, marking a significant $380 price dip. By far the most significant yet, though it’s merely 15 percent of the total sum.

Now, before deeming the deal a rip-off for the obvious reasons you normally avoid refurbished systems, let us mention the Retina iMac you’ll be ordering should come in mint condition, with a full one-year warranty, and backed by in-depth testing and certification.

Besides, what kind of damage do you think the iMac could have sustained in the weeks, maybe days, it sat on the desk of its first proprietor? Most likely, no damage whatsoever, and the former owner simply changed his or her mind, cashing back out.

Hurry up, iFans, and board the eye-feasting 5,120 x 2,880 pixels train, complete with quad-core 3.5GHz Intel Core i5 Haswell power, 8GB RAM, Radeon R9 M290X graphics, and a 1TB Fusion Drive. The gigantic ensemble tips the scales at 21 pounds. And if you’d like an upgrade from the base model there are other refurbished models including those with 16GB RAM and a 3TB Fusion Drive at $2,419, or $2,549 with 512GB flash storage.