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Apple will foot the bill, issue refunds for repairs to iMac display hinge

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Apple will cover repair and replacement of the iMac display hinge, as well as issue refunds to consumers who already obtained a repair, according to an internal announcement. Such repairs often cost more than $100.

A quick Google search for “iMac display hinge” brings up lots of hits for people who are frustrated with its performance. Users report that the hinge makes audible popping or grinding sounds, then eventually fails to adjust. Another issue that was cited numerous times is that the screen continuously tilts forward despite attempts to adjust it.

One user, Mr. Mo-Fo reported on the Apple support forum, “I was just sitting watching TV when there was a loud crack and my iMac screen suddenly tilted down — now the screen will not stay where it is tilted/positioned. I was not using the iMac at the time and it was not doing anything it just broke on its own.”

The issue is limited to the 27-inch iMacs that were shipped between December 2012 and July 2014. As a result, Apple has extended its iMac hinge repair program to cover iMacs manufactured in late 2012 and late 2013 for up to five years after the purchase date. That’s longer than the usual three year coverage. Apple will also replace the hinge at no cost to the consumer regardless of their warranty status.

The details of this repair program were not made public, but rather shared internally with Apple authorized service providers. They recommend that users contact Apple via phone or email to start the refund process. Any customers who still have a product with a broken hinge can make an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple store or visit an Apple authorized service provider to see if their iMac qualifies to have the hinge repaired at no cost.

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