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Apple Store hints you shouldn’t buy a new MacBook Pro until after WWDC

Apple’s online store could be hinting that a MacBook Pro refresh may happen at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which takes place in San Francisco beginning June 4. A user on Reddit noticed that the delivery date on the 13-inch version of Apple’s base MacBook Pro — without Touch Bar — is listed as June 5, a day after the start of WWDC. However, after checking with Apple’s web store, the base 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models show they will be available immediately for in-store pickup in the San Francisco area, with a ship date of June 1.

Still, a refresh may likely be in the works given that Intel’s 8th Generation Core i Series processors have become available since Apple launched the MacBook Pro a year ago with Intel’s 7th-generation processor family. Since then, Apple’s PC rivals have all debuted systems with Intel’s 8th-generation chips, and a refresh would keep the MacBook Pro competitive in the hardware department by delivering better performance and battery savings.

Another issue that Apple could address with a MacBook Pro refresh is the keyboard. “I’d say a keyboard [overhaul] fix too,” one Reddit user commented in the thread. To make the MacBook Pro slim, Apple switched to the new butterfly key switch design that was first introduced on the MacBook laptop. However, the keyboard design has been criticized for its shallow travel and for having a high failure rate. To make matters worse, repairs for keyboard failures are expensive, often costing twice as much as traditional keyboards on older MacBook Pro models.

It’s still not confirmed that a MacBook Pro refresh is coming at WWDC or what new features will be coming to the laptop, if any. Given that the notebook’s design is new, Apple may just issue under the hood improvements, like a processor refresh. If you’re not in a rush to purchase a new MacOS-powered laptop, you may be better off waiting until after June 4 to make your purchase. If you need a new MacBook right now, be sure to view our guide on the best MacBook laptops.

Historically, Apple sells through existing inventory and delays shipping ahead of a new product announcement until after the product is shown off at its press conferences. If the MacBook Pro is coming at WWDC, it will likely have to share time on stage with a new release of MacOS and a new version of Apple’s iOS operating systems.

Apple has also committed to revealing more of its plans for high-end desktops, like a Mac Pro refresh, in an effort to retain and attract its prosumer audience of video editors, graphic designers, and visual artists. The Mac Pro is expected to arrive in 2019.

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