Fret not, OS X Yosemite users: Apple is working to fix your Wi-Fi woes

OS X Yosemite
Apple hasn’t publicly addressed OS X Yosemite’s widely-known Wi-Fi issues in the form of an official statement, but its developers are surely aware of them, and are tackling the problems.

The new operating system’s next update is reportedly on the way, with beta testers allegedly asked to concentrate on three areas. The Notification Center, mail exchange accounts, and Wi-Fi are all being addressed.

Clearly, this is no coincidence, and bug fixes are weeks, or maybe even days away.

The first whispers of Mac connectivity issues on computers running Yosemite surfaced roughly a couple of weeks back. Since then, the whispers have turned into rumblings, and that has led to cries for assistance. Unfortunately, none of the provisional fixes and workarounds found so far work universally.

From occasional Wi-Fi stutters, to severe and frequent crashes, we’ve heard glitches reported by a really high number of Mac users. Various instances of Bluetooth snafus have also been described, though these seem to be less serious, and fairly scarce.

Mac Dev Center members can currently try out OS X Yosemite 10.10.1, build number 14B17, and aid in ironing out the kinks. To do so, they’ll need to use Apple’s bug reporter.

If you’re not part of the program yet, and want to join, simply register through this page with your Apple ID.

Keep in mind that pre-release software isn’t necessarily stable, and shouldn’t be used on systems or partitions containing sensitive data.

Also, reverting back to previous iterations of OS X is no walk in the park, to say the least.

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