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Avalanche promises bug fixes for Just Cause 3 at some point, but not now

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It almost seems as if no AAA game can launch these days without some kind of problem. Whether they’ve reached a state of being too complicated to ever be completely finished, or whether developers put less time than they should into QA knowing that they can patch it later, is anyone’s guess. What we do know though, is that Just Cause 3, as with many other games before it, has launched with a lot of bugs.

That’s not news to anyone who’s been following the game or indeed been playing it, but what is, is that Avalanche Studios has promised to release a patch for it to fix up the problems people are facing. It’s just not quite sure when that will be.

“We know that some of you are encountering some technical issues — we’re looking into them all and we’re fully committed to providing you the best possible experience,” the developer said in a post on the Steam info page (via Ars Technica).

It continued in saying that it knows people want a concrete date for when some of the game’s issues will be fixed — especially since some of them make the game much less enjoyable than it would be otherwise. Unfortunately, it can’t quite give anyone a date just yet.

“We would love to give you that information, and we will as soon as we have it. But right now, a little over one day since we launched, we have huge numbers of players in our enormous game world and we’re monitoring all the data coming in,” Avalanche said.

It just wants users to bear with it for now as it recreates some of the problems they are having. Considering they run the gamut from performance issues on specific hardware, to bugs with AI and motion blur, there’s no clear indication that they will all be cleared up in the next few days, which must be aggravating for anyone who paid up front for a product they can’t use as it was sold to them.

Indeed, the worry now among many fans is that Just Cause 3 will be just one in a long list of games that required months of work to make playable as it was supposed to be. Batman: Arkham Knight is still not fixed, despite an original eight-month delay and a further six since release. Halo: The Master Chief Collection took months to get right, and Assassin’s Creed Unity was a fiasco of game, breaking bugs for a long time after its launch.

Fortunately not everyone appears to be afflicted with the Just Cause 3 bugs, but for those that are, this must be yet another frustrating gaming experience.

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