Making an animated GIF is easier than you think with these apps

Want to create a GIF? These animated, silent loops have become an emotional currency on the web, allowing people to react in ways words just don’t allow. But if you can’t find the perfect GIF for your current feeling, why not create one yourself? Whether you know the exact clip you want to lift from YouTube, or hope to act in a GIF yourself, there are a variety of tools out there for creating the exact GIF you want. Today, we’re going to look at several web apps, desktop applications for both PC and Mac, and mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Let’s dive in.

Best GIF making websites


To get started, let’s look at the extremely clean and powerful, a site that makes creating GIFs incredibly easy. To get started, paste the URL for the video you’d like to use as the basis for your GIF. The site currently supports YouTube, Vine, and Instagram, and users can also upload their own video files.

Once you’ve picked out your source material, you’ll be brought to a simple editor. Select the frames you’d like to convert into a GIF using the timeline located below the video. Then, add a caption, stickers, and a few effects, if desired. There’s even a one-clip “thug life” option, if you want to meme like it’s 2009.

Once you’re done tweaking things, you’re ready to share your GIF with the world. You can use the provided URL, or download the GIF for re-uploading to another site.

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GIF Maker by Giphy


Giphy has long been the default search engine for GIFs, so if you’re creating a GIF, you probably want it on said site. Giphy’s own GIF Maker lets you simultaneously create and share your creations, and is really easy to use. Just pick your source material from YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine, and you can select any portion of the video to turn into a GIF. You can also add captions, if you want.

The process doesn’t take long, and the resulting GIFs are instantly uploaded to Giphy. From there, you can share them, download them directly, or tweak them using a variety of tools. You can turn a collection of still images into a GIF, for instance, or edit any of the existing GIFs on the website. In all, this is a powerful tool for any GIF fan, and one well worth checking out.

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And then i was like …


The two aforementioned tools are great if you want to use existing material to create a GIF, but what if you intend to create original content? And then i was like… is just what you’re looking for. This simple website turns your computer’s webcam into a machine for creating GIFs, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Just head to the site, click “I want to make a GIF, ” and enable your webcam.

Then, simply pick which of your recorded frames you want to keep and you’re ready to share your GIF. You can then copy the provided URL provided, or download the GIF for your own use. Enjoy!

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and then i was like …

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