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Best Buy will take $100 off the price of a Surface Pro 4 if you trade in an old laptop

surface pro 4 with pen
Is your laptop old and clunky? Do you look on at the new Surface Pro 4 convertible tablets with envy? Then never fear, Microsoft and now Best Buy have you covered. While the former has been offering a $300 trade-in value against certain hardware, Best Buy is now offering $100 (and perhaps more) off of the price of a Surface Pro 4 if you trade in any old laptop; as long as it’s working that is.

There are a couple of other stipulations that Best Buy wants everyone to be aware of (via Windows Central). For starters, the scheme will run only until November 7th and any coupons received as part of the trade-in must be cashed before the 14th of that same month, so the time to take advantage of this is limited.

There are also products that Best Buy will not be offering the voucher for. That includes things like cracks in the body of the laptop, water damage to any components whatsoever and a problematic power supply. The laptop will need to turn on at the least, to get some cash-back.

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For some reason, Best Buy is also giving out the trade-in money in two different forms. $90 of the value will be a receipt coupon towards a Surface Pro 4 and at least $10 as a Best Buy gift card. Condition, documentation and available accessories may affect the trade-in value of your laptop.

Considering the story we covered earlier this year of Best Buy not always wiping the data on trade-in devices, it comes as no surprise that the company has also released a notice saying that it is the responsibility of the owner to wipe their data from the device before trading it in.

There is also a limitation of one trade-in per person and one per transaction.

Also no “rain-checks” — you welcher.

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