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BitFenix Portal is a mini-ITX option with intelligent cooling and easy component access

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Just because you need a smaller PC doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice performance or easy access to components. BitFenix seems to understand this, and its new Portal mini-ITX case is a testament to that fact.

From the looks of the space-age design and the all-aluminum build, BitFenix clearly was thinking about more than merely the size of the case when putting together its design. It’s smaller, yes, but it also incorporates some interesting features that set it apart from many other mini-ITX cases.

Perhaps most interesting is the Dual Frame Design, as the company calls it, which makes accessing the components easy and smooth. The smoothness is thanks to the ball bearing runner that allows the frame to track easily in and out, making component access quick and easy.

The Portal uses an SFX power supply that further allows a thinner and more svelte tower design. The case is large enough inside to house a 300mm graphics card, along with a pair of 3.5-inch drives. External connectivity options include two USB 3.0 ports along with 3.5mm microphone and headphone ports.

The case’s good looks are enhanced by a convex design with stands that give the appearance that the case is hovering off of the ground and come in black or white. An optional top window rounds out the modern design, with an inverted motherboard tray allowing a clear view of an LED-enhanced graphics card.

In terms of cooling, BitFenix has managed to create an intelligent cooling system that uses an air-permeable inner chamber with air inlets at the case’s four corners. The company promises sufficient airflow even with a single 120mm air intake and 80mm exhaust, but water cooling solutions are also supported for builds that might tax the air cooling designed into the Portal.

If this small and attractive case is on your short list, then you can pick it up today starting at $140 from retailers such as Newegg. It comes either with or without a window.

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